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Senior Android Developer - m/f

Place of employment: Zagreb
Application due date: Open until filled
Type of employment: Full time job

This is the part where companies usually write a short intro about their values and culture, but we won’t write about it. We have a video! 

Now back to the main topic.



Mobile app space is dominated by two large powerhouses - Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Now, we won't be talking about which platform is better because we think they're both equally great, but as this is an open position for an Android Developer, you know we’ll focus more on our Android team. 


Our Android Developers are an interesting crew as everyone brings something new to the table - we have footballers, cooks, social media influencers... and the things that connect them are:

  1. Loads of experience in using Kotlin and Android SDK
  2. Willingness to proactively improve and implement new development processes 
  3. Passion for organizing the Apps & Pizza mobile meetup
  4. Constant drive to raise the bar with every new feature and application


We are now looking to grow that team with new developers who consider themselves proactive, curious and always willing to learn and experiment with something new. And then share that newly found knowledge with others through our internal educations or new Apps & Pizza meetups. To keep it brief - we’re looking for developers who aren’t afraid to embrace change and then propose changes, upgrades, new processes and basically anything else that might make our entire team better, faster and more efficient. 


To maximize your onboarding and professional advancement, within the Android team we follow a structured step by step plan. Within 3 months, you’ll…

  • Become familiar with our MVVM architecture and internal frameworks
  • Be working on client projects side by side with other colleagues


And within 6 months, you’ll...

  • Master our Android tech stack
  • Have enough experience to further contribute to our frameworks and architecture
  • Be able to take on responsibility for medium to large sized projects
  • Leading own Android project team and delegate tasks


If you want to learn more about our Android team before you decide on applying for this position, check out some of the following blogs:

  1. Android development at Bornfight
  2. MVP vs MVVM - choosing the right Android architecture
  3. Java vs Kotlin - which one will prevail
  4. Bringing the mobile community closer through Apps & Pizza


But if you already know we’ll be the right fit, go on and keep on reading!




  • At least 3 year of experience in native Android development
  • Advanced knowledge of Kotlin and Java
  • Advanced knowledge of the Android SDK
  • Good knowledge of the MVVM and MVP architectural systems
  • Good knowledge of Git version control
  • Good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Good communication and organisational skills
  • A team player attitude




  • Knowledge of RxJava, Coroutines and Dependency Injection
  • Experience with the Android platform, Android Studio tools and Android Jetpack
  • Experience with API integration
  • Experience with the publishing process
  • Experience in delegating tasks
  • Having your app(s) published on the Play Store




  • Develop Android applications in Kotlin
  • Establish Android development process with no unknown factors
  • Maintain active applications
  • Integrate existing backend APIs into mobile applications
  • Work and experiment with trending technologies
  • Lead Android development process for a project and delegate tasks
  • Upgrade internal frameworks and tools
  • Create libraries, frameworks and code snippets that speed up the development process and that can be reused across multiple projects
  • Diagnose and fix application bugs
  • Work on projects under given estimates
  • Cooperate with the Development, Design and Project Management teams
  • Release and publish apps on the Google Play Store
  • Create development plans for Android projects
  • Coordinate and assist juniors and other team members with development of mid-sized applications




  • A latest Android smartphone of your choice
  • A 13” MacBook Pro and an extra monitor
  • Structured onboarding plans for new employees
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with a team leader
  • Structured meetings about personal development every 6 months 
  • Secure parking spaces and storage for bikes
  • Access to a variety of industry-related books, magazines and additional reading materials
  • Ability to modify your daily working hours according to your needs
  • Company and department team buildings
  • Dog-friendly office
  • In-office gym, rec room and game room 
  • Internal educations from your colleagues 
  • External educations from industry experts
  • Transparent pay grades for every position
  • Transparent and structured professional advancement plans for all employees
  • CEO open doors
  • Credit and tax consulting
  • Ability to take part in local and international conferences



  1. CV
  2. Your motivation expressed in a form of your choice - let us know what makes you want to become a part of our team
  3. Links to code you created or applications you published (this one is optional)

Submit your application in Croatian and/or English.

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